Invest in Real Estate from Alanya

Turkey is one of the most hospitable countries in the world and offers marvellous scenic beauty which makes it one of the most unforgettable destinations in the world. If you compare the cost of living with other European countries, you’ll find that its much more affordable to live in Turkey than anywhere else. Especially from the previous decade, the real estate market in Turkey has boomed with lots of foreigners getting interested in its real estate.


Alanya in particular is a gorgeous seaside city which is located in the southern side of Turkey and has been constantly getting attention from tourists because of its spectacular location. Alanya has incredible natural beauty and receives a huge amount of tourists who visit this location to immerse themselves in the beauty of the region. With this increased recognition from foreigners, there are also lots of international clients getting interested in Alanya real estate. The location is currently attracting hundreds of thousands of foreign clients who are willing to buy Alanya real estate as a second home in Turkey. Thankfully, there are also lots of easy laws for purchasing properties in Turkey and there are also lots of affordable villas or apartments for sale in Alanya to suit every budget.

Alanya property is well suited for retirement homes where people can live the rest of their lives in a temperate climate with a lovely, hospitable atmosphere. The villas for sale in Alanya are still in reasonable prices which might soon go up dramatically when Turkey becomes part of European Union.


Alanya is a tourist hub and is constantly attracting the attention of lots of foreign real estate agents who are interested in building property in Alanya. After all, Alanya is a place where you can get away from all your troubles. Currently, there are so many properties available for sale in Alanya, that it becomes confusing to choose from. It also depends on your purse, on what kind of property in Alanya you are looking for. There are so many apartments for sale in Alanya which are of both prime and affordable categories, that choosing the best ones become difficult.


Let us look at the apartments in Kestel. Kestel is a village in the Alanyan district  and is known for the tranquillity and peace of the area. If you are interested in buying a retirement home, then you can check out the villas for sale in Alanya in the Kestel district or buy an apartment in the area to enjoy lots of facilities. It is one of the best districts in Alanya property where most people succumb to the idullic, rural life of Kestel, but still find themselves near the town. There are many tourist attractions ain Kestel and you can discover Turkish local life and customs in idyllic Kestel. If you want to find property for sale in Alanya in Kestel, then you can find lots of apartment complexes which are very affordable in price. You can get one room apartments for around Euros 30,000 and enjoy lots of facilities such as shops, markets, restaurants, playgrounds, fitness centres, swimming pools etc.  


You could also check out real estate in Avsallar which is 22 kms from Alanya City. Avsillar is a place which gives you luxury and peavce and is an excellent place for a holiday home in Alanya. It is one of the hottest property for sale in Alanya district and boasts a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean Sea and golden beaches. You can check out the villas and apartments they have for sale, which depending on the location and desirability of the area, you can invest in a villa for around Euro 80,000 in the low scale to around Euro 200,000 in the higher priced properties. You can find beautiful seaside villas for around Euro 90,000 and enjoy the beach whenever you want. If you like spacious apartments, then you can hunt for apartments there and find beautiful two bedroom apartments for around Euro 50,000 and still enjoy the city life of Alanya. In fact there are lots of locations where you can buy luxury mansions, villas, apartments etc. all of different price range in this slice of paradise.


On average, a one bedroom apartment in Alanya generally costs around Euro 30,000. Depending on the price and location, it varies but generally most apartments don’t go lower than 30,000. If you find something lower than this, then make sure you check the real estate agents background, the title deed and make a thorough check of the property to find any noticeable defects.


If you find something in your price range,  you can find yourself in possession of a gorgeous piece of real estate from Turkey where you can come every once in a while as holiday or where you can spend the rest of your golden years enjoying the sun and the hospitality.